Welcome to Sahm Clothing Boutique!

Sahm is a sister owned online boutique based in Rochester, NY brought to you by three sisters, Shamitria, Anouluck, and Chantida.

Shamitria is a Registered Nurse and single mother with a passion for fashion - she loves all things sleek and sophisticated yet quirky, bold, and fun. Anouluck is a manager by day who is a golf enthusiast and enjoys the outdoors - she loves going from girly and floral to sporty. Chantida is a 2021 grad who majored in Advertising and Public Relations - you'll find her clothed in graphics and denim.

Sahm means three in our native languages, Lao and Thai, it was a perfect choice to name our boutique. You'll notice three floral icons within our logo, those three florals are each of our birth flowers and grouped together represents our unity and unbreakable bond. Together as a team we meticulously handpick all boutique items to provide you with chic, affordable fashion- no matter the occasion.

When you shop our small boutique, you are helping to make our dream a reality! Thank you for supporting Sahm Clothing Boutique!


Chantida, Anouluck, and Shamitria